Nām Walli


Kuva Zakheim, Nam Walli Founder + Designer

My childhood dream was to be a superhero. I used to believe that my cape gave me super powers and now I believe it is my Nam Walli scarves - well really, it's the way they are made and why. In defiance of the destructive forces of our industrial age I am making a range of lifestyle products with the intent of inspiring conscious and sustainable living. Most of what pervades our daily lives such as our food and clothes are mostly massed produced by soulless machines, often at great cost to human life and the environment. I left the world that was familiar to me to seek out a fresh, yet ancient, alternative in India when I was 18. The land of India, full of mysteries and contradictions, is a constant inspiration for my work - It is here that modern and ancient life intertwine and exist side by side.


What we surround ourselves with and where it comes from makes a powerful statement about what we value, and this in turn has a profound affect on our consciousness. Literally imprinted in every fibre of of my textiles is the consciousness of a person who views their work as an act of worship and meditation. We have created designs which feature the script of transcendental sound vibration with sacred forms and geometry, all of which, mystics have relished throughout the ages. Every item is hand -printed with wood blocks using non-toxic dyes, and many of our natural dyes are made from the same plants used in Ayurveda. As an individual and as a company, I am seeking to make tangible steps towards implementing and preserving the legacy of wisdom and knowledge passed down by artisans and spiritual seers. Their experience and example has endured the test of time and I hope that wonderful such ways of life survive our present day habit of a disposable lifestyle.

Through my own experiences while growing up in the family business of fine art conservation I discovered that the best form of preservation is utilization. I love facilitating people in creating their own designs in this medium also.There is a wholesomeness that comes when one is able experience first hand where one's possessions come from, who made them, and how doing so affects their life and the environment. In our present day being a super hero isn't just a childhood fantasy, I believe it is a duty each of us must to step up too.